Ultra robust infrastructure

UltraWide Air enables the transmission of large amounts of data over a distance of up to 300m without interfering with other wireless technologies. This is made possible by our proprietary protocol which is based on ultra-wideband technology. It also means that UltraWide Air delivers video with a latency of less than 200ms in settings where regular cellular networks can not provide a stable Quality of Service (QoS).


The player’s camera sends ist signal to repeaters, which are strategically positioned in every corner of the field. They are connected to a compact collector unit which outputs the signal via HDMI or RTSP into the transmission control room.


The system operates on up to 45 channels, which would enable up to 45 player cameras.


Ultra-wideband technology not only facilitates video transmission, but also allows the precise localisation of players on the field in real time.


  • Robust video signal without interference
  • 300m range and < 200ms latency
  • 45 channels
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Ultra-precise positioning of players on the field

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Our technology is compatible with a wide range of sports and can be deployed imminently. Customisation to your specifications is possible.