Efficient monetisation

UltraWide Air allows fans to come closer to their heroes than ever before. The POV perspective can be implemented into the normal TV broadcast, or it can be marketed as paid premium content to generate additional revenue.

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Our technology is compatible with a wide range of sports and can be deployed imminently. Customisation to your specifications is possible.

Discover new perspectives

UltraWide Air allows you to see football through the eyes of the player, takes you right into the action, and lets you enjoy every moment as if you were right on the field.


Made for pro sports

The system was designed to transmit POV live video from every player on the field and is fully compatible with existing broadcasting infrastructure.


Get on the field

The world’s smallest live streaming camera system launches you directly into the game and gives you unprecedented insights into playing technique and strategy on the field. For a game like you have never seen it before.


This is a revolution

For the first time in the history of football each player generates their own livestream.


The whole unit weighs less than 100 grams and can transmit Full-HD video, stereo audio, and acceleration data in real time.


Placing the camera on the chest and the transmitter on the neck yields excellent picture quality, while preserving the player’s full mobility.


A three-hour battery life ensures the smooth broadcast of a full game with enough margin for any eventuality.


  • Full-HD video transmission
  • Ultra compact form factor
  • 3h battery life
  • Motion and positioning data of all players